6 hours...
Oh, how they grow!
To think that they could ever be this small!
This was taken shortly after we walked in the door from the Vet's office. Do you see 14 puppies?

This is Cedarhollow's Blueberry Hill AKA Blue Bell AKA Libby.
She moved to Eastern Washington, too! Her mom and Luna's mom are sisters and they live very close together so the girls got to see each other all the time!

7 Weeks...

Almost 4 Weeks...
(from left to right)
Otis, Othello, Ali, Dutchess, Pepper, Katie, Onyx & Blue Bell

2 1/2 Weeks...
This was their very first puppy pan meal.
They were the youngest litter we have ever had that was ready to start getting their formula 'gruel' from the puppy pan.  Their eyes were already open and they were quite mobile! They were even climbing the xpen we used to 'corral' them!

This was a litter of 14 puppies (5 brindle, 5 fawn & 4 apricot) that was born on January 19, 2004.
These puppies were born via c-section and due to a wonderful vet they were all born alive and healthy.  We had 3 that were born very small with the smallest one being a fawn female that we nick named Olive Oil. She weighed in at only 7oz but quickly caught up to the rest of the litter and today is right there with the rest of them in size.


4 Months...
Emma, Ali, Pepper & Blue Bell in back with Party in front.
This was a fun win for us!  These girls won Best Family Group in Show!

Party (Inth Ch Cedarhollow's Party All Night) was bred to

Jethro (Can Ch Resolute's Jethro Bodawg)

8 Weeks...Do you see all 14 Puppies?

This is Pepper AKA Cedarhollow's Red Pepper Selene!
She moved to her new home in Olympia, Washington.
As you can see, her mom takes TONS of pictures.  

(These are in no particular order.)

This is Kate.
AKA Am/Can/Intl Ch Cedarhollow's Calico Girlfriend.
She moved to Lynnwood, Washington to live with Khym from Ice's litter & Bindi from Fire and Georgia's litter.

This is Luna!
She moved to Eastern Washington with a wonderful family.

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