- Mastiffs & Drevers -

Lacey is pictured here, at 3 years old, with the two puppies we kept from her first litter.
Fire is on the left, Lacey in the middle and Ice on the right.

This is 4 Generations of brindles!
Pictured are Lacey
(apricot brindle laying down),
her daughter, Georgia
(black brindle standing in back),
her Granddaughter, Santana
(fawn brindle laying down)
and her Great Grandson, Teddy
(puppy sitting in front).
This picture, and the one above, was taken by our favorite photographers,
Jerry & Marty Vavra 
from Gates, OR.
You can find their contact
info on ​our Links page.

Lacey was the cuddler, the couch potato,
the love sponge.
You would look into her eyes and you just melt.
She was always a very well-behaved girl
but she did have a mischievous streak.
Steele was her best friend in the whole world
and they were virtually inseparable.
Where one was the other was, too.

Lacey taught us a little about Mastiff history.  We learned why they used brindles
at night to guard.  When she was lying down under a tree, walking in the woods, or just standing in the yard…
​it was very hard to see her!
The brindling blends right in.  I think she found it rather humorous to have us call
her while she was lying down by the tree in front of us and we didn't see her.
I can see her smiling now!

August 7, 1996 - July 23, 2007

6 Years...
After obtaining their AKC Obedience title...
Allen and Lacey went to Canada and did it again!
Way to go, guys!


The many Faces of Lacey!
9 Years in the one on the left and 3 Years in the two on the right.
It was always a challenge to get a picture of Lacey with her ears forward.
​She was a pro at what we refer to as the ear 'flick'!

3 Years...
This picture was taken on
Lacey's 3rd Birthday
at the PNMF Fun Match.
She won the Open Bitch class
and her son, Fire,
​won Best Opposite Puppy!

2 Years...
Our baby girl was a very sweet and sensitive young lady.  But, don't let her fool you,
she would occasionally forget her manners and push you off the couch if you were in her spot!

Lacey's first points. 
We thought she would retire her show career with hundreds
​of reserves and NO points...but she fooled us!
Lacey HATES to show and if you add that to how hard it is, at this time, to show a brindle
in this area...it makes for a hard time in the ring.

8 Years...
Of course, when Lacey was a Veteran...
​and it didn't count...
she 'miraculously' LOVED to show! 
This picture was taken at the 2004 MCOA National Specialty
in Tucson, AZ. 

Intl Ch Sugarfoot's Chantilly Lace Am/Can CD, CGC, TDI

Can Ch Auroja Yogi Bear X Sugarfoot's Lucky Penny

9 Years...
This picture was taken on
​Lacey's 9th birthday.
Lookin' good for a
​Senior Citizen!

Lacey is just a couple months shy of 10 years old in this picture. 
She was everything we ever wanted in a Mastiff.  She was the perfect matriarch.
She is now watching from above and making sure that we raise her Great Grandkids (and the future generations) properly...I hope we can live up to her standards!