- Mastiffs & Drevers -


Why a Drever?

What ARE Drevers?

  • For us, they are the perfect match.
  • They are the right size - under 40lbs. 
  • ​They are incredibly healthy!
  • They are sturdy and agile.  
  • They are easily housebroken.  
  • They require little grooming (the occasional bath, nail trimming, etc).  
  • They get along well with other animals.  
  • They are intelligent.  
  • They are happy, fun loving and energetic.  
  • They are FUNNY and they always make us SMILE!

What's the catch?

There are a couple of great resources available in North America.  

  • They LOVE to run!  Teach them a REALLY good recall.  Don't take them off leash unless you are in a securely fenced area.  Not only are they a scenthound...they love to run just to have the zoomies and run!  Mix those two and you want to make sure you can catch them...hence the fenced yard!
  • Some Drevers do like to dig.  (We have been lucky so far...knock on wood!)​
  • They are VERY rare outside of Scandinavia.  
  • The Drever is a Swedish Scenthound.  
  • They were developed from the Westphalian Dachsbracke which they most closely resemble today.  
  • Hunting Roe Deer, Fox, Rabbit and other Scandinavian game requires endurance, tenacity and soundness.  
  • ​They also make fantastic members of the family when taking their heritage into consideration.  
  • The Drever is now an AKC Foundation Stock Services (FSS) breed - this opens up opportunities to show in various AKC events and eventually will receive full recognition.
  • Cynthia Seeling of Westarr Drevers.  Cynthia is located in the Chilliwack, BC area of Canada.  She is the breeder of Ringo and reason for our foray into this wonderful breed.​

  • The Drever Association of America.  This is the parent club for the breed here in the United States.

What if I decide a Drever is right for me?