- Mastiffs & Drevers -

Below is our questionnaire that we ask all perspective Mastiff owners to complete.  This will do a couple of things; 1) Help us remember what each family we have talked to is looking for in a Mastiff as well as their experience, etc & 2) Help us match perspective Mastiff owners up with the best match for their situation.  Please try and answer the questions as completely and honestly as possible.  There are no right or wrong answers.  We just want to make sure that all placements and referrals are successful.   Thank you for your interest and time!

(You can just copy and paste this into an email and submit to info@cedarhollowdrevers.com)



Address (Address,city,state/prov,country)



How long have you been interested in Mastiffs?

Do you currently have a Mastiff? Sex?

Is it Spayed/Neutered?

Have you had a Mastiff before?

Who is/was the breeder?

Where did you first hear about Mastiffs?

Have you researched the breed? What research have you done?

What is your dog ownership experience?



Do you have other animals? If so, what kind?

Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?

Do you plan on keeping the dog outside? Inside? Both?

Do you have a fenced yard? If so, what type of fencing?  How large of an area is fenced?  If not, where will the dog be pottied/exercised?

Where will the dog sleep?

Do you believe in crate training?

Where will the dog be while you are at work?

How many hours will you be gone?

Do you own your home?


Interests and Intentions

Do you plan on breeding your Mastiff?  

Have you ever had a dog litter before? (Please tell us a bit about your experience)

Do you plan on showing your Mastiff? If so, have you shown any dog before? (Please tell us a bit about your experiences.)

Are you interested in performance events with your Mastiff?

Do you have any experience in performance events?

Are you a member of any dog clubs?


Dog Details

Do you want a Male? Female?

Is there a reason for your preference?

Do you want a puppy or adult?

Color Preference?

Where will you keep the puppy?

Do you plan to go to Puppy classes and obedience training or train at home?

Do you realize to get your puppy may include travel/flights to pick up your puppy?

Tell us in your own words about your home and your family and the life you want to have with your new dog.

Anything else you would like to add?