- Mastiffs & Drevers -

Aggie got her UKC Championship just before her 1st Birthday!


Aggie absolutely LOVES doing Fast CATs.  And there isn't much funnier than watching a Mastiff run.  Many breeds have these amazing graceful photos of them stretching out running.  Mastiffs, not so much!  Lips flying, drool flinging, skin rolling.  But...you feel the earth move when they pass!
(Pictured just before her 3rd Birthday!)

On the left - Aggie at 14 months watching Fast CATS 
On the right - Aggie at 18 months with her buddy Ringo

Aggie - New UKC Champion just before her 1st birthday

Aggie enjoying the first snow of the 2019 season.  Pictured at 2 1/2 years.

Bobaras Tarzan N-A Pinstripe Suit X Bobaras Lucille Having A Ball

Aggie at 10 weeks enjoying time in the yard with "Auntie" Salem and at her first night of puppy class.

Aggie celebrating her 2nd Birthday and her new ball!!  Aggie LOVES her balls!

Aggie's 1st Birthday!  Guess what her favorite present was...her new ball!!  She LOVES these balls!!  Got to love the funny faces she makes with it!

UKC Ch Bobaras Sweet Little Mystery CA BCAT CGC RATI