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Aust Ch Yanoor's Tip O' The Iceberg (AI) X Am/Can Ch Cedarhollow's Rock N Roll Fantasy CGN, CGC, TDI

10 Months...
Betty went to Calgary with us and got to play in the Games at the Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty with Auntie Shannon! She Actually caught a Hot Dog!

3 Years...
Betty was shown on a very limited basis and in this photo is very close to finishing her championship.  As of this photo she is only needs a few single points.  She turned 3 years old the week after this picture was taken.  Taru showed her both days of this show and truly felt the love of Betty.  Taru did a great job and the fact that she is still standing and smiling speaks volumes!  Betty isn't the easiest dog to show as it is all fun, games and parties.  We are very proud of Betty AND Taru for this win over specials.  Congratulations, ladies!!

12 Months... 
Betty has officially started her show career at the Mt Rainier Working Dog Show.
We didn't expect her to do much and were mostly just going for practice.
Betty certainly has some work to do on her gaiting...she is a bit goofy...but she has done very well on her stacks and freestacking!
She won her class in both the regular classes and in Sweepstakes!
We were very proud of our super happy girl!

Betty is pictured here a 12 weeks and 15 months.  (P!nk is also pictured in a few.)
These are part of an annual Photo shoot that we did with Jerry & Marty Vavra.
They are an age progression series that uses the same chair throughout.
Be sure to check P!nk's page for the complete series.

 8 1/2 Months...
Betty was shown for the first time at the Mastiff Club of America National Specialty in Eugene, OR.  She didn't do as well as brother Kane, but we were very happy with how she did!
She won 3rd place in Futurity! In her win photo and pictured with  Taru Korrensuo (Her First Mom) and Gabrielle Simmonds (Her Daddy, Clinton's, owner).

Ch Sisu's Black Betty at Cedarhollow CGN

~ Betty ~

Betty is from a very special breeding that we proudly co-bred.
Her mom, Tess (Am/Can Ch Cedarhollow's Rock N Roll Fantasy CGN, CGC, TDI), is lovingly owned by Taru Korrensuo & David Barnes of Sisu Mastiffs in Mission, BC.

This was Taru & Dave's first litter and they did an outstanding job!
They put great care into selecting a stud dog, whelping the litter and raising the puppies!
It is a lot of work and expense and can be an emotional roller coaster.
Well, these guys did a fantastic job and we are very proud to co-own Betty with them.

 3 Weeks...
Isn't she just toooo cute for words?!

11 Months...
We thought we would try to get a few pictures of the dynamic duo together and it pretty much went downhill from there.  Mix some goofy and some silly and throw in some super sonic kissing for good measure and that would be Betty and Kane!
I figure the clown collars are pretty fitting for these two!

Betty - April 2014

8 Weeks...
I just couldn't decide on which of these pics to use so posted a bunch in a slideshow. 

12 Weeks...
Betty had a play date with Uncle Teddy.  We didn't really have any snow but it was a really heavy frost...she thought it was great fun!

Betty even managed to get in a number of good kisses with Momma Tess! 

10 Months...

The above pictures are all of Betty taken at Aunt Shannon's.  She had a great time hanging out while we packed (and unpacked) for our trip to Calgary and the Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty.  The acres of hay fields gave lots of room to explore.  And she must have heard about Aunt Shannon wanting to move the big rounds of wood with the rope on it so she could plant a tree there...and being the very helpful sort that she is...she took care of that project for her.