While Gabe prefers to compete in more athletic sports...
​he does do the occasional conformation show.

(The photos in this slideshow are all from Gabe's breeder, Carla Cruz.)

How could you NOT fall in love with this puppy?!  I just couldn't help myself.  
​We had no intention of adding another small dog but then the rest was history!  
I am just very grateful that his breeder, Carla Cruz of Aradik Kennels,
was willing to trust us and ship him to the other side of the world!

As you can see, Gabe has no problem relaxing when the time is right!

Track-Action Urmurhurmur, JCh Lt Lv Ee, Balt JW'11, LW'14, CIE X A Star is Born de Aradik, JCh Es,
​Ch Es Pt

Gabe came to us from a breeder in Portugal, Carla Cruz of Aradik Kennels.  We hadn't really planned on getting a 2nd Drever but we just couldn't help ourselves!  Gabe will FOREVER be a puppy at heart!  His nickname is Parkour Drever.  He gets the zoomies and will find himself places that NO dog should ever be...like on top of the 6 foot entertainment center!!  So what do you do with a Drever that has that kind of energy, enthusiasm and agility?  Well, let's see...we are doing Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing...both of which he adores.  We have a few more things that we want to take a stab at as we have the time...like Herding, Tracking, Rally and if we can get our focus down enough to be off leash (thinking when he is, say 7 or so) Agility!

While Ringo has set the bar very high in the Conformation department, Gabe is setting it high in performance events.  

Gabe is the first Drever to  obtain the following titles:
AKC Coursing Aptitude & Coursing Aptitude Advanced
AKC Fast CAT (coursing)
Barn Hunt - Novice, Open, Senior & Masters titles:

Gabe has also been working on his Coursing Ability titles.  This is an AKC title in Lure Coursing open to all breeds.  Gabe LOVES chasing the lure and gets to show the Drever speed and stamina on the 600 yard course!

Thank you to Hillary from OlyHillary Photography for these shots of Gabe hunting rats at the January Pacific NW Barn Hunt trials!  He LOVES to hunt rats!!

UKC CH Big Time at Cedarhollow de Aradik CAA BCAT RATM

One of the activities that Gabe loves is Barn Hunt.  He finished his Instinct and Novice titles so fast that we really didn't have time to process it!  We were fortunate enough to have a show photographer at the trial where Gabe finished his Open title.  Now he has finished his Masters title and is starting on his RATCH & Crazy 8s titles.

~ GABE ~

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